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Presidents Message

The explosion of growth on and around Lake Murray continues!  During covid, it felt like the one place you could go without worrying about social distancing so much.  Apparently, many others felt this way also.  As you travel around the lake, it is amazing to see new houses being built, new communities, older homes being remodeled or even torn down and replaced.   On the water, there seems to be more major fishing tournaments happening on a regular basis, including an international tournament last fall in which we had visitors from countries all over the world.  Paddle board races, boat races, swimming events, 4th of Jully, Drifts Jam, etc.  Lake Murray is the place to be.  Sandy Beach and Hurricane Cove draw many boaters (and floaters) not only on the weekend, but also during the week.  The purple martins continue to draw sight-seers from far and wide with their spectacular morning and evening shows.  It is safe to say, the lake is busier than it ever has been. 

The increase in use and problems that arise from it have made the LMA’s mission continue to be important and much needed.  Each year we are seeing un-needed deaths occur on the lake that perhaps with some education in boating safety would have happened.  Also, making sure that people understand their personal impact on the environment and health of the lake is an education that is ongoing.  There are numerous Lake Murray social media groups and unfortunately there is much mis-information about the lake.  As we are “The Voice of Lake Murray” we must continue to dispel rumors and make sure that our social media and website only contains accurate information.  You, as our members, are an important part of this.  We thank you for your membership and appreciate any input you would like to share.   

In closing, please continue to patronize our corporate sponsors shown on our page.  They are our neighbors and have a vested interest in keeping our lake clean and pristine.  They support us and we should support them.

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